Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Contestants List And Online Voting Result 2019

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants: The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 was a tremendous hit and memorable as the kamal hassan actor hosted the show. This season will have a huge expectation because of kamal hassan enter into politics and to host first show. Already in bigg boss 2 kamal hassan in between the show he talk about the politics to the people.

Bigg boss season 3 has released the teaser and created huge expectation this show will be telecast on 14th may 2019. Here in this post you can watch latest episodes of bigg boss season 3, Online voting result, elimination results, contestants list 2019.

Contestants List 2019:

There is no official information on the list to date. However, the following list is a guess for season 3.Bookmark the page to get latest updates of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 in no time. Here is the source

The List will be Updated Soon…

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Voting 2019:

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting: Bigg Boss Reality demonstrate is moving at a quick pace in every one of the three dialects in particular Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Being a reality indicate Tamilians are particularly keen on watching Bigg Boss Tamil Show on the web. On the off chance that you are one among the Bigg Boss Tamil Show watcher, you may have had the learning of Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. Kamal Haasan is the foundation of Bigg Boss Tamil who is a notable on-screen character assuming the facilitating part for this show. Presently the main period of Big Boss Tamil arrangement is going on and it is being communicated on Star Vijay TV channel. The continuation of the challengers in Bigg Boss Tamil show will be simply in light of the selections given by the co-competitors and the group of onlookers.
Season one was facilitated by Kamal Hassan and he may be proceeded for season 3 also. I recommend you bookmark the page/site to get refreshes right away. 

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting on the web:

As Bigg Boss Tamil is a Reality diversion appear, every one of the competitors will be killed one by one in view of their execution. The person who withstands for every one of the conditions, the person who got number of open votes will be the victor. Each member who is chosen from the tryouts needs to take after the requests go by Bigg Boss which are spoken to by the host. 
As Usual, Housemates and Public votes can be viewed as, Where one manages voting to influence your most loved challenger to withstand in the diversion and alternate manages the votes given by the co-members to name two other individuals for end. It implies both crowd and the Bigg Boss Housemates votes will be considered while disposing of somebody from the show. 
Open had some more choices to vote, 
Google Online Voting. 
Missed call Voting. 
SMS Voting. 
Give me a chance to clarify you both voting methods in a more definite manner as voting assumes a fundamental part in Elimination. 
The greater part of the general population may have comprehended the disposal procedure. Consistently every one of the housemates will be called for assignments to vote any two housemates for disposal. The individuals who got selected by the contenders will be requested the popular feeling to vote. Any named individual who gets the less number of votes from the group of onlookers i.e Bigg Boss Tamil Votes will be dispensed with. 

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting on the web season 3 |  Google Voting 

This is one of the least demanding approaches to vote your most loved housemates. A Gmail and Internet association is sufficient to make your choice.

  • Here are the means to be taken after. 
  • Open and ensure that you opened Google India Instead of 
  • Look For “Bigg Boss Tamil vote” or snap Here
  • The rundown of assigned possibility for the week will be shown in a split second under the inquiry. 
  • Tap on your fav competitor and you can vote up to 50 focuses from a Gmail account. 
  • One can cast their 50 focuses to a solitary housemate or more i.e you can cast 50 focuses to a solitary housemate or 10 focuses each for 5 housemates. 
  • Votes cast before Friday night 12 pm will be considered. 
  • Votes cast via web-based networking media and on a few sites will be barred. They are not in any case considered.Moreover, they are simply open surveys.

BB Tamil Missed call voting | Numbers for Contestants | Give Missed Call 

To spare your most loved competitors from ousting, you have to vote in favor of him/her by following the information given here. Each Bigg Boss Tamil Vote tallies in light of the fact that the person who has less votings will be expelled. Here is the rundown of individuals who are in the house and got named during the current week. Locate your most loved challenger voting and make the most of your vote by following Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. To vote any contender, simply give a missed call to the portable numbers revealed here. Every One is Assigned with a one of a kind number. 

Missed call Number of Housemates 

Vote in favor of Contestant 1-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 2-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 3-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 4-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 5-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 6-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 7-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 8-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 1-Give Missed Call to 
Vote in favor of Contestant 9-Give Missed Call to 
Procedure to make choice by means of Missed call 

Note or duplicate the quantity of your fav designated housemate 
Give the number a missed call 

Your Missed call from a number can be given a role as one vote 
For instance, you dialed for challenger 1 i.e you bolstered contender 1 by voting. 

You can vote any of the general population whom you wish to help by giving a missed call to the number gave here. Now and then the contender who can’t change in accordance with the circumstances in the Bigg Boss House may exit because of different reasons. So one can’t figure their most loved challenger would remain in the Bigg Boss Tamil House or not. 

SMS Voting 

This is the Most Unused Voting procedure of Bigg Boss. The greater part of the Viewers are not in any case beyond any doubt about this voting Procedure. In any case, we are specifying it for Knowledge Purpose. 
Keep in mind, This Might be the voting Option Too. We don’t know About it. On the off chance that this voting Procedure is alright for you at that point take after the means to make your choice. Everybody will be Given a SMS Code(Which we will Update Here Later).Audiance Need to SMS their Housemate Code to a Number and One SMS=One Vote 

How applicants are named for the disposal 
It Depends, Some of them are 
Bigg Boss Might designate them (Rare cases) 
Named by different housemates 
Self Nominated 
Challengers who are in the home can’t select a commander and trump card sections who entered multi day before into the house. So the other individuals in the house can be designated and the person who got high selections will be called for votings by the gathering of people. Vote your most loved hopeful by the expressed strategies. Select your most loved competitor from Bigg Boss Tamil members who got assigned for disposal and after that give the voting check from 0 to 50. Tap on submit votes to enlist your vote in favour of your most loved contenders. 


Expectation you are currently ready to vote your most loved competitor of Bigg Boss Tamil show by utilising Missed call technique or Google seek voting. Influence your adoring contender to win with your mysterious votes. On the off chance that you had questions with respect to the voting, let us know from the remark area

Updated: May 15, 2019 — 4:34 pm

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